Sustainable roofing for e-charging stations


Construction time

Year of manufacture




” Precast foundations
” Wooden construction
” Roof greening

The roof construction has been developed in such a way that it functions as a single-sided and double-sided version. A PV system can also be installed if required and advertising systems can be integrated based on the load assumptions.

Building type

Sustainable roofs E-charging stations and fast charging stations

The roof construction is flexibly designed to allow both single-sided and double-sided designs. A photovoltaic system can also be installed if required. The load assumptions also allow the integration of advertising systems. The product has a modular design, which means that it can be flexibly adapted to different customer requirements, both in terms of length and position. It can be easily erected on prefabricated foundations and offers a robust timber construction as the basis for a sustainable green roof.

Author of the design: unit-design gmbh and FFM-ARCHITEKTEN. Tovar + Tovar PartGmbB

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