Serial refurbishment

Elevations, neighborhood development and much more.

Serial refurbishment


When it comes to making your building project sustainable, cost-efficient and future-oriented, we are your reliable partner in the field of serial refurbishment. With years of experience and a dedicated team of experts, we specialize in providing innovative solutions for the renovation and modernization of buildings and infrastructures.

In cooperation with greeen! architects, we offer serial renovation in timber construction as well as subsidy consulting and application for building owners from a single source. Fast, high-quality, project-specific, ecological and climate-friendly.
Together we create a sustainable future for your property and the environment.

serially renovated existing buildings

Built examples of the implementation of serial redevelopment

Serial refurbishment

Serial Refurbishment from a single source

  • New, serially prefabricated building envelope (facade, roof) with photovoltaics on the roof
    Smart “plug-and-play” home automation and energy modules
  • Significantly improved energy balance than before refurbishment
  • Target: Net-Zero-Standard, i.e. energy production = – consumption p.a.
Serial refurbishment


  • High degree of prefabrication due to elementization
  • Higher quality due to prefabrication in hall
  • Shorter construction phase due to elementization
  • Reduced tenant restrictions due to short
    Construction time and less noise pollution
  • Utilization of additional funding
  • Scalability to similar building types
  • In many cases no scaffolding downtime
Serial refurbishment

Advantages of cooperation

  • The attention is paid to the holistic construction
  • Additions
    – Optimization of space utilization
    – Sustainability
    – Economic advantages
    – Densification of urban neighborhoods
  • Neighborhood development
    – Holistic planning
    – Social integration
    – Making urban spaces more sustainable, efficient and
    making life more livable
  • We look at the situation holistically
  • Everything from one source
Serial refurbishment

Project flow

Serial refurbishment


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