Furniture, interior fittings, windows, doors and stairs – these are the areas in which you can be creative on a daily basis. As a carpenter, you have the opportunity to implement individual customer wishes and create unique pieces. Whether it’s a custom shelf, an elaborate staircase, or a special door, you can let your creativity run wild – this is where your talent comes in. Last but not least, assembly takes place at the customer’s site. This requires not only craftsmanship, but also a friendly demeanor and good customer communication. Because you are not only a craftsman, but also a consultant and contact person for the customer.


3 years


August 01, 2024


Training company as well as inter-company training center and vocational school (BBS and school in Ahaus)


1st year of apprenticeship: 740,00€
2nd year of apprenticeship: 870,00€
3rd year of apprenticeship: € 1,000.00

What you should bring with you

” Diligence (e.g. in adhering to dimensions and tolerances when making wooden components).
” Craftsmanship (e.g., attaching and interlocking prongs and tenons to wood parts).
” Prudence (e.g. when working with circular or band saws).
” Creativity and sense of aesthetics
” Customer and service orientation
” Ability to work in a team for group work

Prospects after the training

” Master carpenter
” Further training as a technician
” Part-time study
“Transfer to a permanent employment relationship


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