Wood windows Comfortline IV 78-90/110

The Terhalle Comfortline with its generous depth guarantees optimum thermal and sound insulation. Simultaneously, it complies with the highest safety specifications and accommodates individual design requirements. The window that adapts itself to you!

  • Increased impermeability thanks to an additional seal of the window sash.
  • The window is suitable for all commonly used types of fittings which can be visible or hidden as desired
  • In order to comply with all safety aspects, we offer the integration of many intruder alarms such as contact alarms, glass breakage alarms or extra locks
  • Depending on the type of wood, as well as any shade of finishing colour, you can also design the individual appearance of the window using different colored stains, uni-coloured  or multi-coloured
  • All edges have radii in order to guarantee the best bonding of the surface lacquer and as long a life as possible
Energiesparfenster Comfortline IV78

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