Energy efficient windows Premiumline IV 78-90-110

The Premiumline window, made from glued layers of beech and aspen lamellae, guarantees the highest life expectancy and best thermal protection and noise protection. Available in six different wood types, guaranteeing a unique surface fi nish and dimensional stability for decades. Equipped with casement covering and triple glazing, as shown in the picture.



  • Frame thicknesses from 78mm to 110 mm are possible
  • Ecologically friendly thanks to the use of native wood species
  • The provenance from FSC certified forests represents an alternative to tropical woods and states loud and clear: “Wood from here”
  • Thanks to the excellent surface quality the care and maintenance of our Terhalle Ökoline is particularly easy
  • With a life expectancy of over 50 years the working life of the wood is extraordinarily long and in comparison the investment required is minimal
  • Because of the thermal treatment the wood can only absorb minimal water and thus remains dimensional stable
  • The Terhalle Ökoline promises decades of the highest reliability with regards to durability, easy maintenance, ecological friendliness and energy efficiency
Energiesparfenster mit Eiche

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