EVO PVC Window and Door Systems


EVO_AD is the classic rebate seal version in the EVO window systems. The profile has an excellent narrow visible width and designer looks. Moreover the rebate construction is designed so that the windows in the EVO_AD System are particularly easy to clean. EVO_AD has two sealing levels and can be equipped with triple glazing up to 52mm thick - and when using static dry glazing even with panes up to 54 mm thick.


The EVO_TT window system is equipped with an intelligent sealing concept with three integrated sealing levels, whereby the middle sealing level in the frame rebate contributes significantly to improvement of the thermal insulation. Thus exceptionally good thermal insulation properties can be achieved - including passive house suitability, without additional measures, such as thermally separated steels. Furthermore the central middle sealing protects the fitting elements from moisture ingress and leads to better opening performance especially at low external temperatures.


Unique views - more light, more design lift and slide doors are ideally suited for access to the terrace, balcony or garden areas. Enjoy the view and simultaneously let in a lot more light! With EVO Lift and Slide Doors you can select from two designs: As well as the classic, symmetrical look there is also a more modern design, which has a higher glass content and therefore allows in more light. So bright rooms bathed in natural light are soon no longer a dream, but living reality.

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