Renovation of Haus Kump, Münster Chamber of Skilled Crafts

As well as the Academy for Design there is also another specialist center of the HBZ (Chamber of skilled crafts training centre) located at Haus Kump; the wooden framework centre of excellence. The Academy for Design occupies the main house and the ground floor of the barn. Both buildings have been newly built: At nearly the same place and in the same size and dimensions as the previous buildings. There are six workshops and work areas in each. Two of the workshops on the ground floor of the main building can be combined to form a 260 m2 hall. In the old stable building there is a café.

We expertly restored the remise of the old half-timbered house

As sustainability, durability and the use of environmentally sound materials were important considerations we used our Terhalle Fadura Windows. The window profile is made of thermally modified beechwood with an inner layer of thermally treated aspen. We achieve with a 90mm profile and triple glazing a Uw value below 0.8 W/m²K and are therefore in the passive house approved range. We deliberately did not use tropical woods. The wood comes from the Teutoburger Forest and from Münsterland. Even so, the durability of the windows achieves resistance class 1-2 and therefore even surpasses oak.

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