Warehouse for the fine distillery Sasse Schöppingen

Curved glue laminated beam constructions; insulated timber frame construction elements completely prefabricated in the factory with internal and external cladding made of European larch.

The new warehouse building of the fine grain distillery Sasse in Schöppingen is a true original - with style.
„Like grappe - but from here“ – this thought is reflected in the architecture of the warehouse, which in its form and the materials used borrows traditional elements of a Münsterland agricultural building and transforms them into timeless elegance.

The building ,which stands on the hill and can be seen from far away, should not appear as a foreign object in the countryside, but should look like a typical building from the region. Especially appealing is the glimpse of the interior offered to the visitor from far away through the doors, gates and window openings of the maturation store, which titillate the curiosity.

In this fine building the wares mature into valuable specialities and the impressive construction of the interior room seems to the visitor like a “treasure chamber.” Resting on a three metre high stone wall the wooden timber frame construction strains upwards.
The vertically placed windows on the side and the gable create an exciting effect of space and light. This interplay of light and shade and the atmospheric complexity in the interior space is effectively accentuated by a top roof, which is placed on the gently sloping gabled roof. This top roof lies on small windows, which in analogue size and shape can be found again grouped in the upper part of the calm gable side of the house. The building thus opens itself to the sky underlines the impression of a construction rising from a massive base becoming ever lighter as it rises. Dimmable point light sources, set in the interior space of this upwardly reaching wood construction, perfectly highlight the high quality natural materials and warm tones.
The insulated timber frame construction walls equipped with interior and exterior cladding made of European larch were completely prefabricated in our own factory, and also the window elements made of larch wood, manufactured by our window construction facility, were ready-installed in the prefabricated timber frame construction walls at our factory.

The new warehouse of the fine distillery Sasse has become a new highlight for customer visits, tastings and events. The attention to detail and the complexity of the architectural construction reflect the sophisticated product and it is hoped that the visitors to the Sasse distillery come away with the feeling that they have unlocked the secret of the place and the Lagerkorn.

Text: Architect, Tobias Nöfer