Feasting beneath the wooden structure

In the shadow of the arena „Auf Schalke“ the restaurant Xiao welcomes its guests. The broad-spanned timber construction with floating roof draws attention to itself and almost steals the show from the football temple.

It is not just the chopsticks which lead to the theme of wood when you think of Asian food. Architects and timber construction professionals have created for the Xiao in Gelsenkirchen a light, high construction which actually has nothing in common with what you expect from an Asian restaurant. Flying dragons, red carpets and artistic, ornate Asian carvings cannot be found here. Quite the opposite: The visitor is presented with an airy, light and uncluttered restaurant. A visible wood construction and large glass surface dominate the impression of space allowing a large amount of light in the building.

With an impressive 5.60 metre ceiling height, the Xiao has truly generous dimensions and its open construction style allows wide open lines of sight. The room partitioning is skillfully planned.

The builder brought the idea for a supporting structure of wood with him from China. He wanted arched supports made of laminated timber, visible and prominent. From a static point of view they are oversized, from the designer’s point of view they are exactly right, because the massive proportions are just what was wanted. Above the supports, the self-supporting ceiling joists “float” with a span of almost 30 metres, of which almost 25 metres are self-supporting – no supports in the room was a further condition that the builder required of the supporting structure. The curved, V-form roof set the planners a further challenge, which was nevertheless quickly mastered.

The timber construction is impressive: Finally an Asian restaurant, which is not immediately recognisable as such. Understated yet still inviting, the Xiao is a successful restaurant concept. Not least because a lot of visible wood contributes to a pleasant atmosphere. It is entirely positive, when builders not only think about the installation but also pay special attention to the building envelope. One can only hope that so much individuality will be seen more often.

Source text extract: www.mikado.de