Contract joinery & Prefarbricated

We use the latest technology in the wood processing sector in our carpentry works in the form of our modern computer-controlled  Hundegger K2i and the Speedcut SC2 joinery plant. Practically every roof type is produced with our machinery from gabled roof to complicated angled structures. Complex wood connections such as joining with timber cross-sections  of 20 x 50mm to 300 x 450mm  can also be produced without any problem. Equipped with a 4 axis aggregate unit we can achieve many new processing possibilities.  Thanks in part to CAD production planning with the S & S programs and cadwork we achieve high dimensional accuracy.

Contract joinery for Carpentry, Construction & private customers

Exact, fast & inexpensive

We offer contract joinery to carpentry businesses, construction companies and of course also to private customers. Offering precision, speed and value for money, we produce roof trusses, components, carports, terrace roofing and much more.


Take advantage of the many benefits of fully automated contract joinery with the accurate and cost-effective manufacture of wooden components.

We also offer complete solutions:

  • Sourcing the construction timber
  • CAD - production planning with the S&S programs and cad work
  • Computer controlled contract joinery
  • Delivery to site of all connecting elements
  • On request: “Just in time assembly” with no on site storage
  • Prefabrication of timber-frame walls, distinguished with the RAL 422/1 award

Thanks to our high tech computer-controlled SPM-2 sheet processing machine we are able to offer contract joinery to the timber frame house construction industry as well. The machine combines many production stages especially for timber and façade construction - current buzzwords: low energy and passive houses,  energy-efficient building refurbishment as well as façade construction.